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Public Displays of Yoga

I’m not a fan of PDA, but I am guilty of PDY: Public Displays of Yoga.

Today, The Baltimore Chop posted an editorial, titled “Stop Doing Yoga in Public.” It’s safe to say that the author is not doing Natarajasana outdoors:

“Listen yoga people: when we see you downtown on the edge of the water standing on one foot welcoming the dawn and chanting mantras, it’s all we can do not to shove you into the harbor. It’s gauche. You look like an asshole. You are an asshole.”

Being "gauche" in Beijing

Admittedly, the author states that the article is half-satire. I’ll admit, PDY can be annoying. Maybe SFO built the world’s first yoga room so that yogis would stop headstanding on the moving walkways. But, asshole? Damn. That’s a wee harsh. Sometimes there’s a misconception that yogis are either pushing their spiritual agenda or flaunting their physical practice when doing yoga outside the studio. I don’t think that’s the case. Sometimes yogis just want to practice or meditate out in nature. Sometimes yogis just want to take a picture mid-asana and make it their profile picture. Not unlike a couple making-out on a park bench, it’s really not that big of a deal or that interesting. It’s not like we’re playing naked bongos outside.

So tell me, do you partake in PDY? Or am I the only asshole in the room?

-The Humble Warrior

Impressive PDY!

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