Another Blog Bites The Dust


Blogging is hard. That’s not what I thought before I started this blog over year ago today. You always hear, “any idiot can start a blog,” and yes, while that is true, it takes someone with a lot of creativity and perseverance to maintain a blog that is worth reading. I started off strong thinking “one blog a week? NBD!,” but slowly started to fizz out after my first few posts and never ended up clearing that 10-post hurdle. Another blog bites the dust. 

Another thing I found out is that yoga is pretty damn hard to write about! There are no outfits of the day to showcase (with the exception of see-through Lululemon pants!), no new gizmos to review (with the exception of a nifty new mat!), or new recipes to cook up (with the exception of a new juice cleanse!). As a yoga student, all I have to give is my humble opinion on my yoga experience. While that might have some value – especially for myself as a medium to reflect on my own practice – it’s not the most sustainable topic in terms of keeping a reader interested. Who really cares if I master a dropback or finally maneuver my thunder thighs into a dainty lotus position?

And maybe therein layed my problem. Maybe I was writing too much for myself and not for others. Yoga reveals different things for everyone, and I’m beginning to realize that maybe it doesn’t benefit many people when I talk about MY personal experience.

So to quote the famous philosopher Monty Python, “I’m not dead yet!”; instead, I’m returning from my one-year blogging savasana with a less self-centered perspective. The main point of this post – other than to announce my prodigal return 😉 – is to give serious credit to those of you who continue to generate fresh content on a continual basis. This Humble Warrior bows humbly to you.

So, with that said, what are some blogging revelations you have learned after creating your blog?

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